This past year and half, I have been working with an anthropologist from the University of Arizona, Dr. Jim Watson.  The process has been fascinating and opened my eyes to the role of mismatched diseases in my practice.  Dr. Jim Watson, Brianna Herndon (an honors student), and I have been looking specifically at the development of the knee and the impact of culture, sex, topography, and activity on its morphology.  
Brianna was able to present some of our findings at the WeBIG conference this past year.  As a student, she has done a great job diving into the research arena.  Congrats Brianna!!

A Test of Sexual Dimorphism in Morphology of the Femoral Intercondylar Fossa.

BRIANNA HERNDON, JAMES T. WATSON, and CRAIG SMITH.  Presented at WEBIG conference 2015.

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