The Modified Low Dye

A nice physical therapy band-aid for foot pain during running

The Modified Low Dye

A nice physical therapy band-aid for foot pain during running

Should I stop running?

Running related injuries are commonly seen for physical therapy at Smith Performance Center. Unlike some of the advice you may hear, stopping can prolong the problem.  Rest does not automatically equal recovery or resolution of an injury.  A nice tool to consider learning is the modified low dye.  It can help to reduce foot and lower leg pain while allowing for you to continue training.

Where is it from?

I learned about the modified low dye from Dr. Tom McPoil.  He is faculty at Regis University and was previously faculty at Northern Arizona.  He is an expert on the foot and wrote an article on tissue stress theory that still impacts my practice today.  The purpose of the modified low dye in a physical therapy program is to limit stresses to the tissue of the lower leg and foot to allow for desensitization. In a running program, it can also keep you safe for those longer runs if you have a history of breaking down.

The Basics of the Modified Low Dye

Buy the tape from Amazon – leukotape and coverall

Use a good pair of scissors

If you are doing it alone, cut the tape before starting

Put on the coverall (white tape) prior to the leukotape (brown tape)

Go light on the tension the first time

Plantarflex the first ray, apply the tape on the dorsal surface of the foot close to the joint of the big toe

Wrap the tape around like a horse shoe

Lock the tape in place, but not too tight

If it is itchy or painful, take it off


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