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Resolve your pain with expert physical therapy

Your lifestyle shouldn't be limited because you are in pain or struggling with an injury. We help determine what is causing your pain and give you the tools to manage the problem on your own.

Are you experiencing any of these common problems?

Struggling with
pain and nothing
is helping

Unable to independently
manage your pain

The same injury
keeps coming

If these problems describe your situation, you are not alone. You should have confidence in your body and the support to manage your symptoms.

Physical Therapy at Smith Performance Center is designed to overcome these challenges and more.

Understand what is causing your problem

When you work with an SPC Physical Therapist, the focus at the beginning is to deeply understand what is causing your pain and symptoms. We use your medical history, an interview, comprehensive physical exams, confirmation treatments, trigger management, and a home plan to determine the most likely cause of your problem.

We do not rush. We give your problem the focus it deserves.

Our team understands how frustrating an injury can be and it takes you away from the life you want. We will help you start the process of feeling better.​

Learn to independently manage your symptoms

When we understand your problem deeply, our team teaches you how to feel better without us.  Our treatments and home plan focus on activities and exercises that you can do on your own. 

This is not an endless exercise list, but a concise plan that treats your fundamental problem.

Your home plan becomes the tool to regain your lifestyle and move past the frustration and fear of pain and inactivity.

Start your rehab journey today!

Schedule an initial evaluation

At your first visit with an SPC physical therapist, you will go through a complete review of your problem and figure out what is causing your pain or symptoms.

Learn more about our diagnostic process>

Apply treatments and develop a home plan

After determining your problem, you and your therapist will apply treatments to confirm the diagnosis. We will focus on reducing your pain then giving you tools to do the same.

Adjust the plan based on your progress

As you feel better, we focus on your ability to do more, address why it happened in the first place, and return you to your normal activity without pain or fear of it returning.

We have spent the last decade helping individuals struggling with pain, injury, and inactivity

There is a problem with the current state of healthcare.

The cost is out of control and not transparent. Value is unclear. Practitioners rush from patient to patient and suffer burn out. Patients get lost in the machinery of a gigantic healthcare system that does not understand their problem or pain.

We believe the lack of cohesive rehab process with a supportive team causes a significant portion of these issues.

We are on a mission to address the issues in physical therapy and exercise. We are at our core idealists who want to positively impact healthcare and improve the experience and outcomes of every patient we see.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Physical Therapy at Smith Performance Center

In the state of Arizona, you can come directly to physical therapy. You do not need a script from a physician to be examined, evaluated, or treated.

You will be sent a medical history form and a consent form when you book your initial evaluation. This can be filled out online.

If you fill this out prior to the session, you do not need to arrive early.  

For your session, bring anything that you feel is relevant to your problem. If you hurt walking in certain shoes, bring those shoes.
You should wear, or bring with you, clothes that are comfortable that allow you to move.
For pain or injuries in leg:
If you are having problems with your legs (pain in the hip, knee or feet), make sure to bring any shoes that you wear for daily activities or for running and walking. If possible, wear clothes that allow us to see or feel the area that hurts. So if you have a knee injury, shorts that expose the knee would be preferable.
For pain or injuries in the arm:
Hand, wrist, thumb, and elbow injuries may be originating up into the shoulder, upper back, and neck. If possible, wear or bring with you a looser shirt, tank top or under shirt that you feel comfortable wearing during an examination. Occasionally we will use tape and/or bracing to help with your pain. The easier it is to access your shoulder and the area surrounding it, the easier it will be for your therapist to examine and apply the treatment.
For pain or injuries in the neck, mid back, low back, and pelvis:
For these injuries, wear clothing that allows us to see the area. We want to visualize the area to check for any changes in the muscles or posture. To apply the treatments, we do not need the area to be exposed so as long your garment can be moved to expose the area for examination, that is sufficient for the session.
For specific activities that cause pain or discomfort:
For the first visit, we will determine if we need video or have you do the activity during the session. The physical therapist will instruct on what to bring after the initial evaluation. Typically this is required only if you get the pain during this activity and your examination is negative or at the end of your physical therapy plan of care as you fully return to your activity.

We strongly recommend scheduling with the first physical therapist that works for your schedule.

The physical therapists at SPC use the same phase structure, exams, and methodology. We spend 2 to 3 hours each week training our skill sets and processes together. This means that we have significant overlap in how we practice. 

If our team believes another therapist is required or better suited, we will have a co treat or transfer your care.

We understand that you want to work with someone who has experience with your problem. 

It is typical to see a page that lists the number of pathologies that they can treat. We can treat your orthopedic issue. Our team has decades of experience in physical therapy ranging from common joint injuries to complex, long standing chronic pain that has been resistant to any other treatment. We have worked with individuals competing at the Olympics to new athletes running in their first 5K (to individuals who struggle to walk). We are often used by other medical providers (physicians, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors) when they need support for their plan of care or diagnosis.

You can read more about our diagnostic process HERE.

We recommend scheduling with whichever provider works best for your schedule. If anyone on our team needs help, we can transfer your care or use cotreats. 

When you work with one person on our team, you are working with all of us.

We recommend scheduling the first appointment that works for you.  

When you schedule, let us know that you would like to come in sooner. You can either do this by noting it on your appointment confirmation or calling our office at 520-398-4886.

We will place you on our cancellation list and will call you when any new appointment becomes available.

If it is a medical emergency, use Urgent Care or ER.  

If you are not sure, you can call our office at 520-398-4886. 

If this problem seems appropriate for physical therapy, we will place you on our cancellation list if no appointment is available the same day and get you into our facility as soon as possible. 

Since we are a low volume clinic, we cannot guarantee immediate care.

Unlike traditional physical therapy clinics that accept insurance, we prioritize a personalized approach. While insurance-based clinics often schedule multiple patients per hour and utilize assistants for exercises and passive modalities, our focus is on providing each patient with a full hour of one-on-one care with a physical therapist.

We prioritize your progress by dedicating our time solely to activities that directly contribute to your recovery, rather than billing for non-interactive and less useful services. This tailored approach leads to faster recovery and better results, helping you achieve your goals efficiently.

If you are not enrolled in Medicare, Smith Performance Center can provide a superbill of your visits to submit to your insurance carrier.  This includes ICD 10 codes, CPT codes, place of service, cost, units, and date of service.  We put on the superbill that you have paid in full for the service and all reimbursement needs to be sent to you. We have found that if you submit a superbill to insurance, you need to point out that it has been paid in full or they will send the payment to Smith Performance.  

A superbill is different from a receipt (or paid invoice) that only includes the amount paid for the service. 

We do not speak with insurance companies about billing.  We are legally unable to send Superbills to anyone enrolled in Medicare.

At Smith Performance Center, our providers are un-enrolled with Medicare, which means Medicare will not reimburse you for our services. By choosing to receive physical therapy at our clinic, both you as the patient and we as the practitioner agree not to contact Medicare for reimbursement.

While we can provide you with a receipt for your records, it will not include coding.

Physical therapy is a service covered by Medicare when provided by an enrolled provider. We respect your decision if you choose to seek treatment at another facility.

A superbill is different from a receipt (or paid invoice) that only includes the amount paid for the service. 

We do not speak with insurance companies about billing.  We are legally unable to send Superbills to anyone enrolled in Medicare.

Do you have any other questions about Smith Performance Center?  You can find out more by checking our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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