You should have confidence in your body and the support to manage your symptoms.

But there is a problem….

• Complicated medical system
• Lack of understanding
• Lack of diagnosis

• Constant frustration
• Chronic pain & fear
• One size fits all approach…you are an individual

Our team understands your frustration, and we’re here to help. We know what it feels like when someone does not understand your situation. No one deserves to be discouraged and continually dealing with pain. We will help you step fully back into your life.

• Gain a clear understanding of your diagnose(s)
• Understand what is going on with your body
• Learn you how to manage symptoms
• Create a plan to match your goals
• We don’t just say stop your activity
• Return to your identity

Your plan to reduce your pain:

Schedule an initial evaluation.

One-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy.

Develop your strategy.

We’ll carefully examine and diagnose your pain and together we’ll develop a treatment plan.

Execute your treatment plan.

Together, we’ll walk through every step of the treatment plan until your pain is resolved.

Why is Smith Performance Different?

Most physical therapy is based on volume. Physical therapists may see two to four patients per hour by using assistants for exercises and making excessive use of modalities. This leads to more time in pain and hopes of getting better. 


It’s just plain wrong that a complicated medical system is keeping you from getting the pain relief you need. 


Our team is all about reducing your pain while improving your ability to move. We only provide one on one physical therapy. We believe you deserve a clear process, a plan to relieve your pain, and finally, reach your potential.

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When entering the healthcare system due to an injury or sickness, you experience this volume approach when you have only a couple minutes with your healthcare provider and feel rushed to explain your problem. This results in a compromised relationship between the patient and their provider, leading to a barrier in communication and reduced progress.


Physical Therapy is under the same pressure due to reducing reimbursement rates from Medicare and insurance. Physical therapists use modalities such as ultrasound, hot packs, and electrical stimulation. While these treatment approaches can be effective over a long enough time period, the efficacy is drastically reduced. This leads to more time in pain and hopes of getting better. 


This is not good enough.


We only provide one on one physical therapy, the entire hour is spent with a physical therapist. Manual therapy techniques are utilized in combination with movement retraining. You will not work with an assistant and treatment will only focus on the aspects of care you cannot do at home. We work with anyone looking to feel better and return to a more active lifestyle. In order to provide this level of care, we do not contract with insurance companies however we provide itemized receipts that can be submitted for reimbursement.  


We believe in transparency during the rehabilitation process. What does transparency mean? It means that we always try to provide as much clarity on what we are thinking and the possible competing diagnoses along with the different variables that can impact your healing. Healthcare is complicated, sometimes scary, and always reactive. There are unclear costs, lack of clarity in the plan of care, and lack of a timeline for a full return to activity. We make every effort to minimize these inherent problems by being transparent and honest in our thought process and plan.


We promise to keep an open mind, apply our standards of care, and encourage movement and participation as soon as possible. This helps you get better faster because we view our role as a guide while you are ultimately responsible for getting yourself back on track. For example, we always have a plan outside of the physical therapy session. This home plan is not a bunch of exercises. Instead, it is only the essential activities that you can use to reduce pain, improve strength, and normalize movement patterns. We believe in efficiency and efficacy, not an endless list of dreadful, time-consuming activities. Our physical therapists know that compliance is key to recovery, so the home plan will be easy to follow while being effective.

​Finally, Smith Performance Center has been lucky to join a special community. We want to be your team today and 10 years from now.

With that understanding, we do not over treat. Your goal and our goal is to get you to a point that you do not need our physical therapy services and you return to the active, pain-free life that you deserve.


“After trying several PT places in town, I finally found the best one. Smith Performance Center is by far the best place to receive PT. After my first session with Craig, I was pain free for the first time after almost 2 years. Then, I received physical therapy with James and he provided me the daily exercises and warm ups that I need to achieve a full recovery. I totally recommend this place. Their knowledge, preparation and determination are demonstrated in every session.”

Valerie Garcia

“Smith Performance is not your typical PT go to. The staff is extremely knowledgeable in their respective discipline but further they know how to diagnose AND treat the symptoms with excellent results. My third Physical Therapist in town with the first two lacking in any measurable result. After my treatment with Sara, I realized at least a 50% improvement!”

Steve Rogers

“Craig Smith was great! He is easy-going and takes the time to learn about your issue and your history. He gets right to the point of what he can do for you and how long your recovery will take. He provided an immediate estimate of a finite number of visits to resolve the issue. Thereafter, I was happily on my way and confident I could return to my sporting life. Thanks Craig!”

Jim Calle

“I visited Smith Performance Center for a strained neck or pinched nerve that wasn’t going away no matter what I did and was causing me not to have a restful night sleep. Sarah Smith spent a fair amount of time learning about my lifestyle and background and focusing on the pain that I was experiencing. After one visit the pain was reduced 50%. After the second visit the pain was reduced 90%. I had a final visit to finally solve the problem.

I was most impressed that Sarah Smith said with confidence, she could correct my issue I was having within three visits and if this didn’t happen she would stop the therapy. Most practitioners will have you keep coming back and continuing to receive payments. I highly recommend Smith Performance Center and their high integrity.”

James Underhill

“I cannot say enough good things about Craig and his team at Smith Performance Center. Extensive surgery on my knee resulted in pain, muscle atrophy and significantly limited range of motion. After four weeks in prescribed physical therapy recommended by my surgeon, I had made little progress and was extremely frustrated. In only a few short weeks working with Craig and the team, my range of motion improved, strength returned, and pain decreased.If you are facing surgery, have been through surgery or are looking to improve athletic performance and health, I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment. The SPC team experienced, dedicated and professional.”

Meredith Allin


Sarah Smith – Physical Therapist

Dr. Sarah Smith PT, DPT is a physical therapist at Smith Performance Center, specializing in cervical dysfunction and headaches, neurological diagnoses, upper extremity orthopedic injuries, and the spine.   Dr. Smith earned her clinical doctorate degree in physical therapy through Northern Arizona University. She is interested in gait analysis, pain management, corrective exercises, and developing long term exercise programs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimize the quality of life.  Dr. Smith also runs the post-concussive syndrome group for Smith Performance Center, which focuses on improving the long term outcomes of active individuals with concussion.

Dr. Smith also has a passion for the water and using aquatic therapy for rehabilitation.  She received her neurological certificate through the Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation Institute in May of 2015.  She developed this interest from leading and participating in the aquatic therapy sessions through the Northern Arizona University Physical Therapy program for people with multiple sclerosis.  Since then, she has incorporated the water into her treatment programs for people with varying diagnoses, including mild to severe brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, fractures and joint replacements, gait dysfunction, chronic pain, and balance deficits.

Dr. Smith practices with a combination of manual therapy, movement analysis, therapeutic exercise, and a long term perspective for care.

James Babinsky – Physical Therapist

Dr. James Babinsky, PT, DPT earned his clinical doctorate from Northern Arizona University. While in school, Dr. Babinsky developed a fascination for the shoulder and upper extremity and was able to study with a renowned shoulder specialist during his last year. He then went on to further develop his skills and continue to learn while completing an internship with the Milwaukee Brewers. This led to a newfound interest in working with the overhead athletes, in addition to the shoulder and upper extremity.

During his time in school Dr. Babinsky worked as a teaching assistant for the Physical Therapy department’s biomechanics course as a way to share his knowledge and passion with other students. He looks forward to continuing to share his skills and knowledge with the Smith Performance Center community while specializing in the shoulder and upper extremity.

Prior to physical therapy school, Dr. Babinsky became interested in physical medicine and rehabilitative sciences after suffering an accident where he fractured a number of bones in both of his feet. Dr. Babinsky completed his own rehabilitation over the course of his first year at The University of Arizona, where he went on to graduate with a degree in Physiology. During his time at the University of Arizona, James studied with the Arizona Center for Outcome Research and Education, working closely with the department of orthopedic surgery to research outcomes following joint replacement surgeries. 

Due to the accident involving his feet, Dr. Babinsky was wheelchair-bound for several months and gradually re-trained all of his normal movement and activities. This experience gave him a first-hand understanding of the impact an injury can have on your wellbeing, and because of this, he is highly motivated to provide a high level of care and support to the SPC community. James is thrilled to be able to practice physical therapy without any lingering effects from the accident and is excited to share his experience and knowledge with others.

Craig Smith – Physical Therapist

Dr. Craig Smith PT DPT is the owner and director of Smith Performance Center.  He is a physical therapist, strength coach, researcher, and adjunct faculty at Northern Arizona University.    Dr. Smith earned his clinical doctorate in physical therapy at Northern Arizona University where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the Distinguished Graduate for the Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training.   Dr. Smith also graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and was awarded the Outstanding Major of the Year in Exercise Science for Nebraska Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.  While earning his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, he spent the majority of his time in the performance lab. 

During his sophomore year in college,  a series of ankle sprains while playing football led to a career-ending injury.   It was the start of a journey to help others in the same situation through physical therapy, strength training, and research.  He became deeply interested in research making his first contribution by presenting at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research as a senior in college.  He continued to pursue information on how rehabilitation melded with a return to normal daily activities and movement.

Dr. Smith has presented research findings at the American Society of Biomechanics National Conference and the American College of Sport Medicine Annual Meeting and at numerous local meetings on topics surrounding injury screening and prevention.  He has published articles and abstracts in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Journal of Athletic Training, Journal of Orthopedic and Sport Physical Therapy, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Journal of Sports Medicine, and Lower Extremity Review.  Dr. Smith and his colleagues, Dr. Warren and Dr. Chimera, were selected as one of the “Best Clinic Case/Research Submissions” at the 60th Annual Meeting and 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine of the American College of Sports Medicine.  Current research projects are underway investigating female athlete risk for injury in collegiate sport utilizing clinical screening tools.  He is also involved in research surrounding the evolution of the human knee and its impact on injury.  This has been presented at the Western Bioarchaeology Group Conference.  A list of publications can be found here  on google scholar.

Clinically, Dr. Smith is interested in the diagnosis, movement impairments, dysfunctional gait, and running analysis along with long term athletic development with a focus on injury risk reduction and screening.  He has trained with the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine and in the Doctor of Science Program at Texas Tech University.  Dr. Smith formed Smith Performance Center in order to combine clinical research with an innovative health care model.  He specializes in specific long term strength and conditioning programming, return to play evaluations, running and foot biomechanical analysis, and physical therapy.



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1684 S Research Loop
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