WELCOME TO Smith performance center

Resolve your pain with expert physical therapy

Your lifestyle shouldn't be limited because you are in pain or struggling with an injury. We help determine what is causing your pain and give you the tools to manage the problem on your own.

You should have confidence in your body and the support to manage your symptoms.

But there is a problem...

  • Complicated medical system
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of diagnosis
  • Constant frustration
  • Chronic pain & fear
  • One size fits all approach

Our team understands your frustration. We know what it feels like when someone does not understand your situation. We will help you step fully back into your life.​

Your plan to reduce pain

Schedule an initial evaluation

You can schedule online or by calling with a time that works for you!

Develop a diagnosis and apply treatment

We work with you to understand what is causing the pain or symptoms and start to impact the problem on the first day.

Build a home plan to address your problem

You will have a home plan that will target your problem from the first day of care.

How is Smith Performance Center different?

Medicine, including physical therapy, is facing a crisis. The cost is out of control. Value is not clear. Practitioners are rushing from patient to patient and getting burned out. Patients don’t feel heard and get lost in the machinery of a gigantic healthcare system. 

Smith Performance Center was created to provide ever-increasing value to our clients. Since this is our goal, we operate differently than a normal physical therapy clinic.

Our Differences Include: 

  • One on one treatment
  • Co treats for complex, multi-site issues as needed
  • Case review with the entire physical therapy team
  • Focus on home plans
  • 3 level prognosis
  • Clarity on the plan
  • Data tracking and process improvement
  • Affordable treatment and planning for chronic and recurrent orthopedic and specific neurological conditions


Frequently Asked Questions

In the state of Arizona, you can come directly to physical therapy. You do not need a script from a physician to be examined, evaluated, or treated.

Smith Performance Center is a fee-for-service clinic.  We are not contracted with any insurance companies or Medicare.  If you do have insurance, you can be provided a receipt of billing codes that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement for out-of-network treatment.  The amount of reimbursement will vary with different carriers.   Smith Performance Center does not submit your claim for reimbursement.  If you would like to know the normal reimbursement rate for your specific insurance, call your insurance provider and ask about reimbursement for “out-of-network Physical Therapy” treatment.  Also, make sure to ask if pre-authorization or other requirements prior to treatment are necessary for reimbursement.  Due to the amount of different insurance policies, Smith Performance Center cannot know the specifics of your plan.

Physical therapy clinics that take insurance normally schedule at least 2 patients per hour.  Patients are taken through exercises by assistants and there can be significant time devoted to passive modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation.  This does not support the one-on-one model used at Smith Performance Center.  Each patient will have a full hour with the physical therapist.  Time will not be spent on activities that allow us to bill more without being present. Instead, your physical therapist will focus on what gets you better and back to your life.  This will result in faster recovery and results, helping you to achieve your goals.

If you are not enrolled in Medicare, Smith Performance Center can provide a superbill of your visits to submit to your insurance carrier.  This includes ICD 10 codes, CPT codes, place of service, cost, units, and date of service.  We put on the superbill that you have paid in full for the service and all reimbursement needs to be sent to you. We have found that if you submit a superbill to insurance, you need to point out that it has been paid in full or they will send the payment to Smith Performance.  

A superbill is different from a receipt (or paid invoice) that only includes the amount paid for the service. 

We do not speak with insurance companies about billing.  We are legally unable to send Superbills to anyone enrolled in Medicare.

At Smith Performance Center, our providers are un-enrolled with Medicare, therefore Medicare will not reimburse you for our services. When coming to physical therapy at our clinic, you as the patient, and we as the practitioner are both agreeing not to contact Medicare for reimbursement.

We can provide you with a receipt for your own records, but it will not have the coding included.

Physical Therapy is a service covered by Medicare, by an enrolled provider, so we understand if you choose to seek treatment at another facility.

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