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Exercise, Stay Active, and Maximize Your Performance

If you struggle to keep up with your exercise routine, have an injury or pain that limits your progress, or need support to maximize your performance, our team will help you achieve your goals.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Returning from
an injury



If these problems resonate with you, you are not alone.

The SPC Strength Training System is designed to help individuals overcome these challenges and more.

You decide where to do your workouts as a member

When you start the SPC Strength Training System, you decide where to do your workouts. We have members who exercise at our facility, at home, at a gym near their house, in the hotel facility when traveling or a combination of the above.

We create your program, teach you how to use it, and increase your confidence in getting it done.

Choose the support level you need

Every session at the SPC facility is guided by a strength coach.  They will help with questions, cuing and exercise corrections, screening (if returning from an injury), and progression.

You have the option to do in-person sessions (perform your workouts at the SPC facility), one on one personal training sessions, a combination of in-person sessions and one on one personal training, or online (exercise at home or another facility).

Implementing the
SPC Strength Training System

Schedule and perform movement assessment

Your strength coach will guide you through a movement assessment on the first visit, exploring your goals and needs for a successful program.

At your second visit, you have a one on one with our coach completing a full workout to gauge your response to exercise.

Learn more about the movement assessment>

Determine support level and workout location

After assessing your movement, and gauging the response to a full workout in your one on one, our coaching staff helps you  choose the level of support and where you want to carry out your strength training workouts

Develop program
and start to

Your program is developed based on the movement assessment and your decisions on the support level. Your program will address your movement, coaching needs, and injury history.

We have spent the last decade developing systems to support individuals who want an active lifestyle

It is not difficult to exercise. You can go online and get free exercise routines or watch videos on how to do a squat or a push-up.

But this often does not solve the problem of a sedentary lifestyle.

Barriers to your success are numerous, from a busy life full of obligations to a persistent injury that seems to destroy any progress you make.  Our company is focused on those who struggle with developing consistent exercise habits. We want to help you achieve your goals by addressing the issues that keep you from the lifestyle you desire.


Movement Assessment

$ 100 for initial session
  • One hour session with strength coach
  • Assess 6 functional movements
  • Review Exercise Barriers
  • Discuss goals and needs

One on One
Personal Training

$ 75 per session
  • Exercise one on one with strength coach
  • Scheduled hour long sessions
  • Focused on specific goals

In Person

$ 160 Monthly
  • Work out at SPC Facility
  • SPC workout app
  • Personalized Workout Programming
  • Strength Coach Check-Ins
  • Open Clinic PT Sessions
  • Discounts on physical therapy sessions


$ 100 Monthly
  • SPC workout app
  • Workout Programming
  • Strength Coach Check-Ins
  • Open Clinic PT Sessions
  • Discounts on physical therapy sessions

If you have any questions on what is the right choice for you, give us a call.

We can discuss your needs and help with scheduling.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Strength Training at Smith Performance Center

SPC Strength Training is a system of functional training focused on maximizing movement for life based on the needs of our members.

Strength Training is operated by our strength coaches and supported by the physical therapy team. Workout programs are delivered through our SPC app. Membership options include in-person workout sessions, one on one personal training, online programming, (or a combination of each) along with Strength Coach check-ins and open clinics with the physical therapists.

 Health & Human Performance (HHP) is the program we have developed for the SPC Strength Training System.

The movement assessment is where our strength coaches determine what may cause issues in your program: accountability, rehab standard, location/time, coaching need, and comfort level. This service is required for starting the SPC Strength Training System. You will work directly with a coach and during this session, we analyze the quality of 6 functional movement patterns, review your exercise history, and provide exercise recommendations.

For a potential member to start in the in-person group sessions, we require the following:

  • Completed Movement Assessment and a follow up one on one workout session with a strength coach
  • Competent with opening and viewing workouts on SPC App
  • You demonstrate the ability to schedule your own sessions via app
  • Rehab Standard Safety 
    • You do not have an adverse reaction during or after the movement assessment
    • You do not have an adverse reaction during or after the one on one
    • If an adverse reaction occurs, the member can self-manage without coach involvement
  • Coaching Need
    • Potential member is not a fall risk
    • Minimum of Bilateral Program for lower extremity

If any other reasons indicate issues from the 5 Step Assessment (Accountability, Coaching Need, Comfort Level, Rehab Standard, Location), the strength coach can support with one on one sessions, but this does not prevent the potential member from joining.

You do not have to be a member to schedule and perform one-on-one workout sessions. After completing your one-time Movement Assessment, you are eligible for One on One Personal Training sessions. 

Open clinics are 15-minute sessions with one of our Physical Therapists. This is included in the SPC Strength Training System. 

Open Clinic is designed to: 

  • diagnose new injuries or pain
  • rule out red flags
  • provide a home plan
  • provide PT additions & exercise modifications or eliminations (this updates your program)
  • determine if a full visit is required
  • gather feedback from our community to improve our program & protocols. 

This is a service provided to members only.

Read more>

A Strength Coach Check-In is an opportunity for a member to talk one on one with a strength coach. 

During these sessions, we can: 

  • Answer training questions
  • Check in on your training goals
  • Help improve training consistency 
  • Check in on your current training program and update if needed
  • Assist with exercise technique
  • Answer program-specific questions
  • Answer SPC Workout App questions
  • Check in on how your program is working

We do not have open gym hours at the SPC Facility. In-person sessions are scheduled via the SPC app and supervised by a strength coach. We limit session sizes to 8 members.

The in-person sessions are not group classes. You have your own program on the SPC app along with access to our on-demand programming. The sessions are monitored by a strength coach. 

If you have a new injury and you do not have the ability to manage your own symptoms, we suggest starting with a physical therapy initial evaluation. 

Our team specializes in returning people to an active lifestyle after an injury. 

Learn more about how we progress your workouts after an injury.

Do you have any other questions about Smith Performance Center?  You can find out more by checking our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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