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This page shares the best articles, analysis, ideas from the team at Smith Performance Center.  It hits on topics ranging from physical therapy and knee pain to movement dysfunction and shoulder impingement.  We want to make the articles useful to our past and current clients along with individuals we may never have in the clinic.

4 ways heel pain suffers can make their pain go away

By Craig SmithOn January 31, 2023

Why is your heel pain not getting better? Heel pain is a common, painful foot condition leading internet searches for “cures to heel pain” or “treatments for plantar fasciitis.”   The pain will resolve with time if the cause of symptoms is removed, but up to 10% of individuals with heel...

5 Treatment Options to Reduce Knee Pain without Surgery, Injections, or Drugs

By Craig SmithOn January 30, 2023

We treat intractable knee pain on a daily basis. Our process is called the PT Solutions Treatment Hierarchy. The treatment hierarchy allows our team to support the diagnosis, reduce pain, and create a clear home plan. Building a treatment framework is a critical component of the plan and it changes...

The Dynamic Recursive Model of Long Term Development: A key principle in our strength training and...

By Craig SmithOn September 24, 2022

Why Do We Focus on Long-Term Development in Strength Training? Activity brings benefits and risks. Every step, competition, or practice is an exposure that impacts the body. The questions – how do I get better and how do I stay healthy – are part of a dynamic and constantly changing...

7 signs your heel pain is not coming from your plantar fascia

By Craig SmithOn January 31, 2022

7 signs the Flexor Digitorum Brevis is causing your heel pain not the plantar fascia You wake up, swing your legs to the edge of the bed, and…hesitate. You know this is going to hurt. The good foot moves to the ground first – you learned from that mistake over a month ago.  You brace...

After you address pain, what should be done next?

By Craig SmithOn January 25, 2022

Topic 1 – Patients and Home Plan Non-Compliance   When patients will not make adjustments in the short term to allow the injured tissue to heal In many physical therapy cases, a key portion of the home plan and long term recovery is understanding the cause of the pain and the role of...

Neural Tension

By Craig SmithOn December 5, 2020

  What is going on, how do you test for it, and how can we treat it?         

5 Rehab Mistakes and How to Solve Them

By Craig SmithOn December 5, 2020

What can you do for your pain? You have pain. You may ache from sitting for work, or walking or moving from sitting to standing. You may get headaches that creep from the back of your head to your eyes or wake up with your neck kinked and unable to move.  The pain may start in the big toe or your...

The Principle of Progression in Strength Training

By Craig SmithOn October 10, 2020

Milo of Croton, a wrestling, bull-carrying, 20 pounds of meat-eating, 10 liters of wine-drinking man from Greece, is the definition of progression. Most people know the story of Milo, even if they don’t know his name. Milo carried a bull around on his shoulders. Chuze and LA Fitness were not...

Deadlift Exercise

By Craig SmithOn September 21, 2020

  Deadlift Strength Training Basics – How to hinge   Go back to strength training exercises    

Dumbbell Upper Body Press

By Craig SmithOn September 21, 2020

Strength Training Basics – DB Overhead Shoulder Press Go back to strength training exercises  

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