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Inside Look At The SPC System

At SPC, our primary focus is guiding individuals with pain and injury to an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Over time, many patients have faced prolonged challenges due to a lack of understanding regarding the rehabilitation process.

This guide serves as a resource, not only for our current patients but also for those seeking insight beyond our clinic. It aims to clarify pivotal phases crucial for points in the rehabilitation journey.

We believe understanding these phases is fundamental in comprehending one’s problem, defining goals for each phase, and regaining mastery over pain or injury.

System Based Rehab And Exercise​​

The inconsistency in the quality of physical therapy and strength training across clinicians, coaches, clinics, and gyms stems from various factors: the absence of an overarching clinical process, inadequate management, diverse payment models, variations in clinical skill sets, individualized training methods, flawed programming, and a lack of collaborative teamwork. These forces contribute to varying levels of performance and outcomes.

At our core, we firmly believe that the most effective approach for optimal outcomes involves a systematic, team-based methodology. The absence of such a systematic approach stands as a primary hurdle in achieving success in healthcare and exercise.

#1. Diagnosis And Home Plan Development

Without a clear diagnosis, determining the most effective path forward is guesswork. The intricate nature of our bodies means there’s no built-in manual for understanding your problem. When you have pain with normal activities, a systematic process becomes essential to formulating, confirming, and initiating a rehab plan.

Critical to this process is not only establishing a diagnosis but also witnessing a positive response to treatment based on that diagnosis. Any absence in either aspect can severely impede the effectiveness of rehabilitation right from the start.

#2. Symptom Stabilization

Success in rehabilitation hinges on mastering the tools to manage pain, symptoms, and impairments. A diagnosis alone isn’t sufficient; it’s how you utilize that knowledge to address the diagnosed problem that truly counts. Empowering yourself for self-management becomes pivotal in the second phase. This is when you learn to stabilize symptoms and take over the problem. Without this ability, dependence on medication or professional assistance might persist, given the risk of symptom recurrence where your response plays a crucial role.

We also identify the contributing factors exacerbating pain and prolonging injuries. Without the ability to self-manage and target contributing factors, you never own the problem. Self-empowerment is key to taking control during rehabilitation, stabilizing symptoms, and assuming responsibility for your recovery.

By addressing contributing factors and mastering self-management, you take ownership of your healing process. You are ensure a more effective and lasting rehabilitation journey.

#3. Activity Progression

Activity Progression, a pivotal phase in rehabilitation, often becomes the primary stumbling block in the recovery journey.

Many individuals mistakenly believe they’ve surpassed the critical stage and inadvertently violate the rehab standard. This violation entails overloading the injured tissue by exercising at intensities beyond its safe threshold.

Despite this common pitfall, numerous tools are available to navigate the Activity Progression phase adeptly, minimizing the likelihood of setbacks and ensuring a smoother recovery trajectory.

#4. Exercise, Monitoring, and Management

Exercise is paramount for a healthy life, yet maintaining consistency is a challenge. What complicates matters further is that the most common reason people abandon exercise routines is due to pain or injury.

However, this is just the beginning of the barriers.

In this phase, our emphasis is on cultivating an exercise routine tailored to your needs, fostering the habit of consistent exercise, and promptly addressing anything that impedes your ability to engage in physical activity.

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