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Day: September 2, 2020

Bracing for Groin Pain

A useful brace to compress and reduce pain in the adductor muscles   Bracing, Taping, and Training Aids Home Page Bracing, Taping, and Training Aids   Bracing for poor hip control The SERF Strap   Bracing for foot and lower limb control The Post Tib Brace   Taping for the Foot Modified Low Dye  

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5 Steps To Develop A Diagnosis In Physical Therapy

“My butt hurts.” A significant proportion of my conversations start with this statement. She continued, “ I have regular active release along with dry needling. I stretch my hamstring ALL THE TIME and I still have pain.” Her frustration was palpable. “I know I have a tight hamstring and there is scar tissue.  But it’s been 8 months.” She assumes the pain must be the hamstring; we call this the pain generator.  The hamstring tendon attaches right where her pain starts. The tightness is over the hamstring muscle belly.  She describes the pain in a clear way that implicates the hamstring.   She made a convincing argument that the hamstring is the issue and the diagnosis has been repeated by multiple medical providers including a physician and two physical therapists. The location matched.  Running increased the pain. Another match. Stretching and manual therapy provided temporary relief. But 8 months into the

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