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Month: December 2020

5 Rehab Mistakes and How to Solve Them

The majority of our patients have been treated somewhere else first without improvement. When we review their case, similar process mistakes happen over and over again. Lack of diagnosis (Mistake #1) or telling a patient to just stop the activity that hurts (Mistake #4) leads to more problems and eventually to a life of inactivity. Our passion as a company is to keep moving for a lifetime and the number one reason people stop or don’t even start an active lifestyle is pain and injury. Understanding these common mistakes can help you become a better consumer of rehab services and get better faster with longer-lasting results. The end result is the ability to do the day you want. The 5 rehab mistakes and their solutions The mistakes below are strategic errors: Mistake #1: Not Defining The Problem And Possible Problems Causing Pain Mistake #2: Confusing a Single Treatment as the Solution Mistake

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