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Month: August 2020

Physical Therapy Solutions for Knee Pain

  Why should I go to Physical Therapy Solutions at Smith Performance Center for my knee injury instead of another clinic? Physical therapy at Smith Performance Center is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all type of operation. Depending on what problem you have, the ‘right’ service might be different. Our process, called the SPC Difference, uses physical therapy in 3 distinct services: PT Solutions – One on One Physical Therapy Sessions using SPC Methodology PT Movement – Group Physical Therapy Sessions using Task Based Protocol for recurrent, chronic, or post surgical injuries Health and Human Performance – Long term strength and movement programming your own coach including injury surveillance, early injury detection, and treatment integration Physical Therapy Solutions  The first service that typically brings people to Smith Performance is called PT Solutions.  The name was modified from an idea in the book Innovator’s Prescription.  It may surprise you, but

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Knee Pain and Physical Therapy

Knee pain is a big issue with numerous treatments to consider. We believe that physical therapy is a great way to resolve your knee pain, but not all physical therapists treat the same way. Our team suggests that patients with knee pain consider the following: make sure you get a diagnosis, understand your prognosis, develop a treatment plan, and understand the triggers occurring in your day to day. Why isn’t your knee pain going away? You may not remember when you started thinking you had bad knees, but at this point, you start to have an internal debate with yourself about standing up.   Do I really need to go to the bathroom or should I wait? Or maybe for you, you decided to bike now because running hurts. Or you may be waiting to get a total knee arthroplasty because a surgeon told you were too young to have a

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Bracing, Taping, and Training Aids

One of the key differences in our practice compared to normal, insurance-based physical therapy is how we schedule our sessions.  We normally do a session once every week to two weeks. This developed as a result of our focus on the home plan.  The second reason was how we started to use braces, tape, and training aids.   These tools became a key part of our practice.  The funny (maybe sad) part of using braces is how terribly the instructions are in their use.  The SERF strap is one of my absolute favorite tools for a variety of force absorption-based injuries.  The brace is extremely difficult to put on and the instructions are awful.   We were tired of shooting the same video over and over and over, so we made a general video explaining it all and put it up on the site.    The SERF strap is just one brace

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