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Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries and Pain

  Tendonitis, Rotator Cuff Tears, and Shoulder Impingement Types of injuries leading to rotator cuff pain   Once you understand the anatomy and function of the rotator cuff, you can start to see how they become injured with activity. Refer to understanding the rotator cuff for more information.  Any time you use your arm, your rotator cuff works to control the motion. The muscles are placed under very high demands because of this constant usage. The rotator cuff is also placed under high demands due to the size and weight of the arm, which they are responsible for guiding.  Look at the size of these muscles compared to the size of the arm- the mismatch between them is clear. Constant usage combined with high demands will increase the likelihood of injury for any muscle or tendon. Combine this with weakness, poor technique, or poor recovery, and the likelihood is even

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Shoulder Pain Everything Hurts

  Why is everything hurting?   “I feel threatened by my shoulder. How can EVERYTHING hurt?” This is an actual quote from a patient with chronic shoulder pain. We see patients who are surprised by how debilitating intense shoulder pain can be.  They struggle to reach for objects overhead, behind them, or to the side.  They struggle with putting on clothes and getting dressed. They struggle with self-care activities like grooming and bathing.  They struggle with seemingly minor household activities: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  They struggle to find a position they can even be comfortable in. Their shoulder pain affects how they sleep.  They start to complain of shoulder pain causing neck pain, upper back pain, or pain down the arm. They cannot work out due to pain. Sometimes, even something like walking causes shoulder pain.  Their activity is drastically constrained. When symptoms are this intense for a prolonged period

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Physical Therapy Solutions for Shoulder Pain

Why should I go to Physical Therapy Solutions at Smith Performance Center for my shoulder injury instead of another clinic? Physical therapy at Smith Performance Center is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all type of operation. Depending on what problem you have, the ‘right’ service might be different. Our process, called the SPC Difference, uses physical therapy in 3 distinct services: PT Solutions – One on One Physical Therapy Sessions using SPC Methodology PT Movement – Group Physical Therapy Sessions using Task Based Protocol for recurrent, chronic, or post surgical injuries Health and Human Performance – Long term strength and movement programming your own coach including injury surveillance, early injury detection, and treatment integration Physical Therapy Solutions  The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, and is relied on heavily during daily activities. It has many different structures which can cause pain, and it can be

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