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Bracing, Taping, and Training Aids

One of the key differences in our practice compared to normal, insurance-based physical therapy is how we schedule our sessions.  We normally do a session once every week to two weeks. This developed as a result of our focus on the home plan.  The second reason was how we started to use braces, tape, and training aids.   These tools became a key part of our practice.  The funny (maybe sad) part of using braces is how terribly the instructions are in their use.  The SERF strap is one of my absolute favorite tools for a variety of force absorption-based injuries.  The brace is extremely difficult to put on and the instructions are awful.   We were tired of shooting the same video over and over and over, so we made a general video explaining it all and put it up on the site.    The SERF strap is just one brace

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