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Day: September 8, 2020

Smith Performance Center Tucson

How Long till My Rotator Cuff Pain Improves?

Prognosis and Outcomes in Physical Therapy One of the key differences in our practice compared to normal, insurance-based physical therapy is how we schedule our sessions.  We normally do a session once every week or two weeks. This developed as a result of our focus on the home plan including trigger management.  The second reason was how we started to use braces, tape, and training aids.     How do the anatomy and function of the rotator cuff impact physical therapy? What is my rotator cuff injury? How long till my rotator cuff injury is better?   Prognosis with a Rotator Cuff Injury In the first two parts of this series, we looked at the background information about the structure and function of the rotator cuff, the common types of Rotator Cuff injuries that lead to pain, and how to figure out what it is. With this final article, we would

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