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Knee Pain Meniscus Degeneration and Clinical Experience

  How do you manage knee pain with a meniscus tear?   Meniscectomy, sham surgery, and clinical experience avoiding surgery for pain and function Clinical practice is filled with successes and failures. For some reason, the failures are the thing you remember most and for me, lead to the biggest changes in practice.  The patient that never feels better will never quite leave your mind even when you go home from work.  Knee pain and Meniscus Tear – Round 1 Since my main interest has always been the lower extremity, specifically the foot, ankle, and knee pathomechanics and pathology, I wanted to be the best at rehabbing these injuries right off the bat. My failure with a patient suffering from chronic knee pain led me to the literature surrounding meniscal surgery. The patient reported sharp pain with occasionally catching in the knee joint. The joint had mild joint effusion and

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