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Physical Therapy Exercises

At Smith Performance Center, physical therapy exercises are used to maximize healing, build resiliency, reduce pain, and correct abnormal motor patterns. We do not use an endless array of exercises that would take an hour or two every day.  We understand more than one to two exercises mean compliance, and performance plummets. Our team wanted to put up common exercises we use to help you remember the form.  We have it broken up by body part and there is some cross-over, so you may see the same exercise in a few different categories. Let us know if you have any questions. Spine Chin Tuck Exercise   Isometric Activation Exercise   Self Massage for the Upper Trap   Self Massage for Posterior Shoulder   Suitcase Carry   Upper Extremity T Exercise   Y Prone Exercise   Serratus Plank   Lower Extremity Clamshell Exercise   Posterior Tibialis Exercise    

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