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Category: Activity Progression

5 Contributors To Your Running Form That You May Be Missing

We perform running analyses every day. Viewing your running pattern lets us see you move from one phase of running to the next, from stance to float to swing. There is always something present that would fall out side of what others consider perfect form. Over striding may be present. You may appear to pronate too much.  You may be a heel or forefoot striker.  We may see that your knees hit together. But we do not start with a running analysis. The insights above may get you back to running. However, the truth is that analyzing running gait is not enough.  The how and why someone runs with their current pattern or why they keep having an injury cannot be determined by watching them run without checking out the other 5 contributors. Resolving it is not as simple as a switch to a midfoot or forefoot, which is the

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Strength Training for Triathletes

What to do if you are an often injured triathlete that has tried to stay healthy? Why did you get into triathlon?  Do you love the challenge? Do you like the training? Do you like the chronic calf cramping, back pain, neck pain, sore shoulder, or weird knee pain that seems to happen when you step off a curb?  Do you like hearing you have weak glutes or it’s just that your hip keeps falling out of alignment? My guess is those last two are not why you started and continue to do triathlons. Triathlon combines three separate sports into one: swimming, biking, and running. The training is long with a focus on technique and conditioning. You may have been attracted initially to the idea of cross-training to reduce your risk of injury. After the second or third overuse injury, you realized that may not be accurate.  When triathletes get

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